Amasty team has been sponsoring and delivering reports at multiple Magento-related events, including Developer Paradise, Meet Magento in several countries, Mage Camp in Strasbourg and others. We even organized Meet Magento BY 2014 last year so we already have the necessary experience. That’s why we decided to host Meet Magento on our home ground again.


The event will take place in the brand new Victoria Olimp hotel. You will like a modern and well-equipped conference hall with a huge TV screen (not a projector), good chairs and lots of light. We want you not only to spend time usefully, but also feel comfortable in the process.

Victoria Olymp conference hall


We will be happy to see you among sponsors of Meet Magento BY 2015. We offer different sponsorship opportunities, so you can find the one that suits your best. Please contact us for more details about what benefits are available for each sponsorship level, and to become a sponsor.


If you would like to take part in the event as a speaker – please feel free to get in touch with us, there are bonuses for speakers as well!


So what can you as participant expect from Meet Magento Belarus 2015?

We are already working on the event program and contacting potential speakers from several countries. We will choose the most interesting reports based on our experience and the feedback from the event participants to make it a very interesting and useful event. We will keep updating you on the event program.

Of course, the event will not be limited to just reports, there will be an entertainment part during which you will have an opportunity to win valuable prizes.

There will be tea/coffee breaks during which you will be able to ‘recharge’ and also share your opinion with speakers and other event attendees.

We will do our best to create a great atmosphere for you to share experience and ideas about Magento.